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Sep. 24th, 2017 08:13 pm
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I have A LOT to tell you people, but first I have to talk about the death of Cees Bergman of Dutch glam LEGENDS Catapult.

I have to say I have really appreciated the coverage of his death in Dutch media. A big newspaper, which had an article about the Dutch glam comp when it came out titled 'Fag rock is now called Dutch glam rock" (yes, fag rock. SOMEBODY GOT PAID FOR USING HOMOPHOBIC SLURS IN A REVIEW OF A GLAM ROCK COMP IN 2009), had a very nice article about him with a lovely colour picture.

This is probably partly because he was a very well respected song writer for legions of Dutch artists over the years. Cees Bergman said in an interview with a university newspaper a few years back that Catapult were never taken seriously by the then leftwing cultural critics (influenced by Stalinist concepts and therefore often designating glam rock as decadent and/or bourgeois). He called Catapult "the first boy band". On the other hand, Catapult and other Dutch glam bands played on dadaist music TV show Van Oekel's Disco Hoek and you had people like Fong Leng designing glam clothes so it's not like they had no artistic cachet at all.

Anyway, when I lived in Leiden I'd listen to the local radio station and you bet those bitches played Catapult. Of course I fucking love Catapult, and have a nearly complete singles collection, plus their album, which I bought in Leiden itself at an old record shop which doesn't exist anymore, which makes it doubly special to me.

I've probably seen him perform with one of his many cover and parody bands over the years but cannot remember which. One of the many great things about him was the fact that a lot of those parodies are of songs he wrote himself and they are in local Leids dialect as well.

He was a towering figure of local music and I'm so pleased people are respecting him as they should.

I enjoy their "acting".  "Oh, great, our money!" *rub hands*. Although actually, quite good compared to other acts on the show. Also, why is Boudewijn de Groot  there? Is it some kind of comment on how the 60s are over? On the superficiality of the 70s? I should watch the DVD commentary.


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